Root to Rise

Join Sally Bacon for
Root to Rise: A 3-week exploration to the roots of yoga
February 19, 26 + March 5 + 2:30pm – 4:30pm + $30 per class or $80 for all three + HYP Chattanooga

Whether a beginner or seasoned yogi, it’s easy to get lost in the patterns of yoga practice …you show up, you breathe, you move… but isn’t there a little more?

Come explore the journey by digging deeper into the vast learnings that yoga has to offer. Find out what it means to be a yogi, and explore the various yoga paths. Learn some of the subtle connections you can make in your simple movements to deepen your challenging postures.

In this 3-week series, you’ll practice different styles of asana and learn more about history & philosophy of yoga. Each week, we will start by discussing a topic such as the yoga sutras or breath and bandhas. Then we will apply our philosophy to our mats by exploring a different style of asana practice (vinyasa, ashtanga, & yin).

You’ll leave this workshop with a deeper connection to your individual yoga journey, a better understanding of what yoga has to offer you, and you’ll have a clear vision of how all these yoga styles and all these yogis around the world are connected to the long yoga lineage.

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