By HYP 10 Nov, 2017
Recently, HYPsteryogi John shared his story about making his way back to his mat after rotator cuff surgery. Continue on to read about his return to HYP and the mat.
By HYP 02 Nov, 2017
Injuries, giving birth, illness, surgeries, etc. can all keep us from our yoga practice. Are you worried about getting back on the mat after some time away? Here are a few tips to help ease any anxieties:
By HYP 15 Aug, 2017
We are always humbled by stories from yogis who can turn something that people might perceive as negative, into something positive. Our latest #HYPsteryogi spotlight falls on Meg, who practices at our Oxford studio.

When I was 16, I was diagnosed with Scoliosis — in other words, my spine was curved. I went to a specialist and discovered that the degree of my curvature was just under 40 degrees. If my spine curve were to increase to 40 degrees or greater, back surgery was possible in my future. My doctor said the best thing I could do to avoid surgery was to try to halt any increases in curvature with exercise and core strengthening. The doctor suggested yoga.
By HYP 14 Jun, 2017
Once again, it’s a #HYPsteryogi who reminds us of the power of yoga and how quickly your body starts feeling the benefits. Thanks to Rich, who shares his story with us below.
By HYP 13 Jun, 2017
And just do it!
Ok, we know it’s not that simple. Teacher Training is a commitment. And if you’ve been thinking about it, that means you also have a bunch of reasons running through your head as to why you can’t or shouldn’t do it. Well, I’m here to debunk some of those reasons!
By HYP 24 Feb, 2017
We all talk about the power of yoga, and what it can do for people mentally and physically, but we don’t always get to hear specific stories of transformation which occur at HYP. At our Chattanooga studio, long time yogi Steve recently shared with us what yoga has done for him, and we were floored! He was gracious enough to let us share his story with you.
By HYP 29 Dec, 2016
We are incredibly proud of the Hot Yoga Plus teacher training program and of the quality of teachers who are now making a difference in their communities after having gone through the program. Here is one example from Colleen, who graduated from the teacher training certification last fall.
By HYP 04 Dec, 2016
“Time = Life, Therefore, waste your time and waste your life, or master your time and master your life.” – Alan Lakein
By HYP 12 Oct, 2016
Last year, we received the below note from Gerald. THIS is why we do what we do. Thank you, Gerald, for sharing your story with us!
By HYP 14 Sep, 2016
As a yoga teacher, I am often asked how many calories are burned in a yoga class. This question is really difficult to answer because everyone’s body is composed of different amounts of muscle and fat. We all move and engage our bodies individually. Your body requires oxygen to burn calories, and since we all have different lung capacities, placing a universal number for caloric burn is virtually impossible. Long story short, there is no simple answer to that very complicated question.
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